About us

OÜ Nord Oil Marketing is an oil company, based on Estonian stock, for distribution of heating petroleum products, lubricants and petrochemicals. The enterprise has been operating since 2010. Meanwhile, OÜ Nord Oil Marketing has become a reliable and successful partner. Today we have clients in all Scandinavian and Baltic countries, also in Poland, Germany and Finland. The company is also engaged in ship coaling of oils and lubricants in all major ports of the world.


Customers receive the high-quality oils and lubricants directly from Estonian storage in the shortest possible time. Accuracy, quality and reliability are the keywords that characterize the work of our company. As we work directly with manufacturers, we are able to offer our partners high-quality products adapted to their needs, competitive prices, opportune technical support with all services and logistics.


It is clear, that from the quality of the oil depends the vital activity of your vehicle or its equipment. OÜ Nord Oil Marketing is glad to offer products that satisfy the highest demands of customers.